How to insert pdf letterhead in word

This page will help you to understand how to insert a pdf letterhead that can be used by in Word or Excel when generating an output pdf.

Preparations: Make sure you have a vector version of your letterhead paper and follow-up paper in PDF format.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Fabreasy PDF Creator
  2. Open Word, the Fabreasy PDF Creator Office Ribbon is added to Word.
  3. Open Click on Fabreasy Settings (red radar icon)
  4. When setup is opened, click on the ‘Letterhead’ tab.
  5. Click on [Select] at the ‘Select your PDF Letterhead’
  6. The tab ‘Library’ shows the PDF-files available
  7. Click on [Select local PDF file] navigate to the Letterhead PDF files and add them to the library.
  8. Click on the Letterhead PDF and click on [Use selected file]
  9. Click on [Select] at ‘Other template to insert’ and select the file from the library.
  10. Check the setting to where the letterhead and follow-up paper needs to placed on the page (e.g. First page only / Page 2 to last).
  11. Click on [Save settings] and [Close]

HOW TO USE: How to insert pdf letterhead in your Word output document

When all settings are saved. Open your Word document click on the button [Create PDF]. Your Word document is converted to PDF and your PDF letterhead is added to the PDF output document. Please note your letterhead is showed when you open the output PDF.

Incorporating PDF Letterheads in Word: A Comprehensive Guide with Fabreasy PDF Creator

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