FAQ Signing (setup tab)


When you own a certificate you could use this certificate PVK file. Select the location of the certificate and set your password. Please note this certificate is only valid on your local computers since it is locally validated. On other computers where your certificate is not loaded Acrobat will not show this signed PDF as valid signed.

To enable this you could buy a Adobe PDF Certificate: PDF certificates (xolphin.com)

Text box

The ‘Use text box with signing’ enables you to add extra text within the PDF. After entering the text you can drag and drop the text box with the page on the left. When clicking [Show Preview] the text is rendered on the page. Please keep in mind it also uses the page ranges to process setting.

Visual signature

When you do not have a transparant signature please use the [Start sign tool] option to create one. Using e.g. your mobile phone you can create one quick and ease.

When enabled please also the page or page ranges the signature (and text box) should be applied to.

[Open PDF]

If you want to align your visual signature on a regular used PDF this button allow you to open the PDF

[Show preview]

This show the output PDF for the selected page.

[Save PDF]

If you want to place a signature and text on a specific PDF you could load the PDF, place the signature and text on the specific page (please check page settings at visual signature, or it might be placed on all pages). When clicking on [Save PDF] a windows pop-up to select the save location. Please note: when add letterhead is on, the letterhead is added as well. I this it not required, please disable the add letterhead option first by using drag & drop and click on the grey icon for example.